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Session: Free Culture, Free Politics
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Speakers: Lawrence Lessig
5.0 stars

Date: Friday, May 18, 2007
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
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Rating: 4.5 stars
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Location: Schimmel Hall
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By: Matthew Burton
on May 19 2007
at 06:13 PM EDT
lived up to expectations
I've always read about Lessig's presentation style and have watched his Free Culture pres a few times, but have never seen him live. He's as good as they say.

Perfect for the first session. Not too dense or analytical. Filled with passion. He knew how to stir every member of the audience, which is hard--I'm a geek, and I was sitting next to a broker. We were equally impressed.
By: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
on May 19 2007
at 02:01 AM EDT
Larry Lessing is very smart and very articulate, it was definitely a pleasure to hear him speak. He made his point (casting both anti-copyright people and major corporations as extremists and casting himself in the middle ground) very well, and his answers to the question were excellent.

Two very slight complaints:
1. I didn't feel his powerpoint added to what he was saying, in fact it was distracting at times. He could've done without it.

2. As a law student and law nerd, I would've loved if he'd gone down and dirty in describing copyright law, what it is, what should be done about it. I understand he wasn't talking to a lawyer-friendly crowd, but it still would've been great to hear about the actual details of what the situation is.
By: Ruby Sinreich
on May 18 2007
at 10:08 PM EDT
Insightful, entertaining, and concise!
By: Jill Walker
on May 18 2007
at 01:11 PM EDT
Very engaging, great points
I really enjoyed this - live blogged it at
By: Chris Tuttle
on May 18 2007
at 12:59 PM EDT
great presentation & speaker
By: Brian Keeler aka. NYBri
on May 18 2007
at 12:44 PM EDT
Perfect Opening
Larry frames the debate...
By: Zachary Sims
on May 18 2007
at 06:53 AM EDT
Perfect Introduction
Lessig, one of the foremost experts on copyrights, provided the perfect context for the remainder of the conference. A terrific way to begin.
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