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Session: Digital Handshakes on Virtual Receiving Lines
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Speakers: danah boyd
5.0 stars

Date: Friday, May 18, 2007
11:40 AM - 11:50 AM
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Rating: 4.0 stars
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Location: Schimmel Hall
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By: Arjun Singh
on May 22 2007
at 03:17 AM EDT
Very useful in thinking about getting away broadcasting to likely voters...
I think Danah had some very useful insight into how to use internet technology to actually improve the state of our democracy - how to better engage people, how to reach younger people. Simply great.
By: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
on May 20 2007
at 05:53 AM EDT
Apparently I was the only person at PDF who had not heard of Danah Boyd (actually upon seeing her profile I remembered I've read her blog once).

The idea of her presentation was that candidates should post on people's myspaces and facebook walls and whatnot. Great. But outside of the obvious credibility question (is it the candidate himself or staff?), is the bogus argument that, hey, candidates spend tons of time shaking hands and kissing babies, why not spend hours posting comments online?

The simple answer is that those two things are not comparable. Countless studies have shown that people who meet a candidate face to face are MUCH more likely to vote for him after than before. So the question is not about spending time, it's about maximizing time PER VOTE GAINED.

And in that regard, shaking hands and facebooking are just not comparable.
By: Mike Slattery
on May 18 2007
at 08:17 PM EDT
Connecting the loss of mallspace to big box stores to the higher priority of online space rings true for me.
By: Jill Walker
on May 18 2007
at 04:03 PM EDT
Yes, danah was good as always. The perfect ten minute speech, really: no slides but with such a clear focus.
By: Chris Tuttle
on May 18 2007
at 03:56 PM EDT
Terrific speaker!
Would love to hear more from Danah!
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